Betfair Sign Up Bonus

Betfair Exchange is one of the biggest bookmakers available on-line but with a twist! You aren’t trying to beat the bookie but other Betfair users through their betting exchange. To make this even more enticing Betfair are offering new customers a massive £100 Bonus Betfair sign up Bonus. To claim your free bet, simply click the green button below.

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£100 Bonus For All New Customers

Alternatively, read on to hear a bit more about Betfair as well as the bonus terms and conditions.

Betfair In-Play Betting

how to claim the Betfair sign up bonusBetfair were one of the first to offer in-play betting for their customers and as such are probably still the best at it. The sheer quantity of sports and betting markets that Betfair offer in-play  is massive! Whatever time of day or night you want to have a bet, there will undoubtedly be sport currently in-play to bet on.

In case you aren’t aware of in-play betting, here is a brief description of how it works and some ways it can benefit you. The traditional way to place a bet say on a football match or race was to make sure you had your bets picked out and placed before the event started. With In-play betting you can place your bets during the event. This leads to some great betting opportunities and the chance for better odds.


Example 1 – You decide you think that the game you are betting on will have at least 3 goals in it but the odds before kick off are only 2/1 and you want better odds. This is where you have the chance to get better odds if you wait until the match is under-way. With patience and a bit of luck if there are no goals after 5, 10 or even 15 minutes you can still place your bet. The only difference being, that the odds would have now lengthened in your favour for example 3/1.

Example 2 – A clear favourite are playing a much lesser opponent in a match, in this example Barcelona vs Grimsby, as you would expect the odds on Barcelona winning would be tiny so you decide not to place a bet but wait and see what happens. Low and behold after 20 minutes Grimsby take the lead with a screamer from 30 yards against the run of play I may add. At this point the odds on a Barcelona win would lengthen giving you a better return for your money. You can place a bet at this point and if Barcelona turn the game around to win you will benefit from the improved odds!

There is a lot more on offer at Betfair exchange including Casino, Slots, Poker, live in-play event streaming and the well advertised CASH OUT option.

Join Betfair Now   
£100 Bonus For All New Customers

How Do You Claim The Betfair Sign up Bonus?

It is simple! Just open a new account make a deposit and place your first bet. You will then receive the £100 Bonus free bet as part of the Betfair sign up offer promotion.

The Betfair Sign up bonus also includes up to a whopping £1,000 cashback which can be earned within your first 30 days of registration. The Betfair £1,000 Cashback offer is paid out in a tiered structure and is based on the amount of Betfair points you accrue in your first 30 days. The payout table is below:

Betfair Cashback Offer

The way it is paid out is when you reach Tier 1 you will be paid £10, when you reach Tier 2 you will be paid an additional £10 to make you total up to £20. Then when you reach Tier 3 you will be paid another £20 to take you cashback total to £40 and so on.

What Are The Betfair Sign-up Bonus Free Bet Terms and Conditions?

  • You must not be a current or previous Betfair customer
  • You must place your qualifying bet within 7 days of registration to get your free bet.
  • Your first Betfair Exchange bet must be at least £20 to qualify for the Betfair sign up bonus.
  • Bets which are unmatched, unsettled or voided will not count towards this promotion
  • If your qualifying bet loses you will be refunded with a £20 free bet in your Betfair account
  • Your account will be credited within 48 hours of your qualifying bet being settled
  • If you place two or more bets at the same time of £20 or more the first bet to be settled will count as your qualifying bet
  • If your qualifying bet wins you will not be credited with a free bet.
  • You do NOT need a Betfair Promotion/Bonus Code to qualify.

You can view all the fine print on the Betfair Exchange Signup Bonus free bet terms and conditions when you register.